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luminous fabric for light up clothing
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New arrival  luminous fabric for light up clothing 

luminous glow in the dark light up led clothing rave outfits with luminous fiber optic fabric for custom light up

luminous fabric

luminous clothing 

The luminous fiber optic fabric is a cool and unique way to add some shine to your led clothing. There are optical fibers actually woven into this piece of fabric! Simply shine a bright light into the fiber bundle, which is collected at one end, and the fabric fills with little shining pinpoints.


glow in the dark fabric. Suitable for Design, Accessories and Luminous Clothing,rave clothing,edm clothing.... Create your own luminous  Glow Dress.

fiber optic clothing

This Luminous Fabric is structured and have a good thickness. With a part of Viscose inside the composition also when is OFF the fabric is very bright and beautiful.

light up clothing


It's very suitable for led costume,glow in the dark outfits,glow in the dark clothes,rave outfits, fiber optic clothing, but it can be used also for Luminous Panels, Tablecloth and Pillows,  luminous curtains.