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2015Met Ball
2015Met Ball 2015/5/9 14:21:25

Recently 2015 MET Ball (Met gala) held in New York, because of the high-profile with Chinese theme, attracts much attention. 

Among them, American R & B queen Rihanna, wearing a long tail yellow cheongsam, which successfully got the most controversial topic. But there some people thought it just like an eggs piza, the appearance of a natural blend of egg yolk, both beautifully and funny than style. 

Choosing a much-anticipated evening dress will make you become the focus. For example, a combination of fashion and high-tech clothing, will be the trend of future fashion. 

A dress can change different lights colors, white, yellow, red, blue, purple etc. Just like you are changing 7 different dresses in the same party . It is a good suggestion for the fashion field designs .