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Benefits of Fiber Optic Textiles
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Comparing with LED textiles, there’re many advantages of the fiber optic textiles. That makes this kind innovation textile be super cool and unique.


DYNAMIC VISUAL LIGHTING EFFECTS - movement, changing colours, sequencing or random effects. Computer controlled by DMX, if required.


NO HEAT-- the lighting points and fibre cables emit virtually no heat so a minimal heat load is added to the environment which allows heat sensitive items to be brightly illuminated (eg. confectionary, museum displays, cold stores). -


NO ELECTRICITY - the fibre cable only transmits light, which eliminates all safety risks and liabilities associated with the use of electricity, especially in wet areas (around pools and spas), high humidity environments and public areas.


NO UV - as there is no damaging ultraviolet radiation, fibre optic lighting is the ideal solution for museum conservation lighting and sensitive artwork illumination.


LIFETIME MAINTENANCE-FREE LIGHT POINTS - fibre optics is the only lighting technology that guarantees its light points are completely maintenance-free. This feature allows lighting to be placed in locations that were previously impossible due to inaccessibility for maintenance, such as atriums, building exteriors, towers, spires and underwater applications.


EXCELLENT CONTROL OF LIGHT - ensures the correct intensity and beam spread of light and colour is delivered.


SMALL POINTS OF LIGHT - can be built into the structure.


NO LIGHT POLLUTION - the light can be positioned very close to an object thereby avoiding light spill and wastage.


VANDAL RESISTANT - very small, discreet, sturdy fittings minimize the risk of vandalism. No need to place lighting in unsightly cages to protect them in public areas, as the fibre optic light source is hidden at a safe location away from the light.