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What is luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric
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What is Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric?


The luminous led light up Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric is a new kinds of fabric which combination of optical fiber optic and intelligent electronic technology.

Our products -Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric textiles are high-tech intelligent products, made by fiber optics fabric that based on an innovative and original patented technology which covered textiles, optics and electronics.


The Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric (light emitting fabric / illuminated fabric); It is made of ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers.


This led light up luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric are specially processed in order to allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers (side emitting fibers). The optical fibers are then connected at the edge of the fabric to ultra-bright LED which inject light into the fabric. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the fabric, resulting in a self illuminating textile.

This makes the luminous fiber optic fabric Fabric ideal for many applications.

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Led light up Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric clothing:(luminous wedding dress,luminous kid clothing,luminous fashion clothing,luminous party wear clothing,luminous stage costumes.....)

Led light up luminous fiber optic fabric fashion accessories:(luminous mask,luminous eye mask,luminous furniture, luminous wall panels,luminous scarf,luminous ice bucket bag....)


Led light up luminous fiber optic fabric bags &shoes &hats,luminous fiber optic gift packaging,luminous fiber optic fabric medical equipment ,luminous fiber optic fabric home textiles,luminous fiber optic fabric soft decoration.


Luminous Fiber Optic Products Feature


Intelligent Tech:High-tech Lead the Latest Fashion in the Industry.


Luminous & Fashion:7 Light Colors with 5 Light Modes,Light Feature-Aesthetic, Morbidezza, Gorgeous, Not Dazzling


Soft &comfortable : soft fabric,very comfortable when dress up.



The Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric for Fashion & Shows

The Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric products is fashion element for fashion week, China Fashion Week,Edinburgh International Festival,Music Drama.....each stage show is a fashion feast.

Luminous fiber optic fabric products for fashion show and performance.

Luminous fiber optic fabric Light Up Clothing, Illuminated Outfits.

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Many of our luminous fabric products have been used by Celebrities or upcoming artists in prestigious Shows & Movies, the luminous clothing made of fiber optic fabric is also a great idea for outstanding parties & events

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luminous dresses, custom luminous stage costumes

light up clothing (shirts, jackets, pants, skirts,...), luminous outfits, illuminated costumes

luminous curtains, luminous wall panels

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We also provide our luminous fiber optic fabric so our customers can make you own designs


Use your idea light up your fashion light.

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